Retirement Villages – Public Information Documents (PID)

Retirement Villages are becoming increasingly popular places to live for those of retirement age.  If you ever consider moving into a retirement village, the Retirement Villages Act requires that you be given a Public Information Document (PID) from the operator of the village which you intend to buy in.  The document is often very large […]

Leases Exceeding 10 Years

When leasing commercial property, it is important to keep in mind that where part of a parcel of land is leased for a period of more than 10 years (including all the options), there is a legislative requirement that approval be obtained from the local Council.  This is because the lease of part of land […]

Watch Out for Scams

We often see clients who have been approached to enter into arrangements which they believe might be scams.  Unfortunately, some of these people have already entered into arrangements and paid money to people that are involved in scamming.  Scamming and other related fraudulent activity within Australia has been increasing over recent years.  Scammers have become […]